The Sex Sex

Sometime in 1997 a guy named Erich and I started a band, but then I switched colleges, the band ended, and we lost touch with each other. However, we recently got back in touch, and he's doing comics and I'm doing comics, so we decided to do a split mini (like a split seven inch). Since we were in a band together, it only made sense that the theme would be rock and roll.

Here's the first page of my story (I'm still working on it, so if the color is bogus, or if you think some of lines are glitchy, let me know).
The idea was that we would have the mini all ready for KingCon in Brooklyn, which was scheduled for next weekend, but now KingCon has been postponed until I don't know when.

I am bummed.


The Boston Comics Roundtable just turned five! Five years! We had a birthday cake at the meeting last night, and some people made speeches. I didn't make a speech, but I have to say that I love the group. Both of my graphic novels were done in Vermont with a fair amount of isolation, and to come to Boston and find this group and become a part of it has just been amazing. I've made friends. There have been anthologies. Whenever I draw anything, I can bring it in, and people will give me their thoughts on it. I've gone to way more conventions than ever before because of the group. This includes a marathon drive back from SPX this year, a ride in which it was discovered that I am able to fall asleep mid-sentence and then wake up ten minutes later and finish the sentence. There have been discussions about ames lettering guides (how cool is that?)(not cool at all)(but dorkmeterwise it's off the charts)(which is pretty cool). I got help the last time I moved. When Joe and Azat got reviewed by some dope who didn't know Turkmenistan was a real country, the BCR was there to turn my indignant rage into laughter.

I even got telephone dumped by a girl right before a BCR meeting started.

But mainly it's just been great to have a place to go every week and geek out about comics. Comic drawing can be such a solitary activity. It's been awesome to be a part of the group the last few years. Thanks to everyone!

AND there's going to be a costume party tonight at seven thirty at the Crimson Lounge at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square to celebrate the release of Hellbound 2! Everyone in the vicinity should come.