Maraca Man!

Yesterday I played wiffle ball on the beach! In October! In Massachusetts! Fantastic and riding the train up to the North Shore and the beautful sun and wanter and the Massachusetts coast, I swear I had a Massachusegasm. I love New England. A this time of year I don't think there is any place that I would rather be.

And next weekend, New York Comic Con! And this is one I'm going to as a fan. No sitting behind a table for me. I'm just going to be out there trying to get as many pictures with people in costumes as possible. Is Boba Fett gonna be there? I hope he's gonna be there.

AND also in little New York next weekend, there will be a little reception for a little comic book art show which features a little bit of work from a little me. Supercool. This is the notice:
Yep, that's my drawing on the invite!

AND in other news, this cracks me up.

AND this cracks me up and then makes me cry a little and then cracks me up and then sparks a melancholy ache in my heart for the way of the world is with its hopes and cruelties and frustrations and the fact that some people try so hard and... OH, GOD! IT'S JUST SO SAD AND BEAUTIFUL!

AND just in case you had any doubts about how awesome maracas are, check this out. Now you know.


Dan said…
That's a great sequence!!
Jesse Lonergan said…
Thanks, guys! I wasn't so sure a comic mainly about maracas and tambourines would fly!