ROBOTS! and Boston Comicon!

About three weeks ago, I decided to do a robot themed mini-comic. I asked a whole bunch of people I know and love to draw a robot for me. I thought I might get fifteen who were willing to contribute. Instead I got FIFTY awesome contributions!

And this weekend is Boston Comic Con and I've got this awesome ROBOTS! mini-comic that I'm gonna have for sale! You should come by (buy) and check it out! There is so much truly amazing stuff in it. I was blown away by what people sent in.

I'll also have some Battle Royale prints, and a split-mini I did with Erich Fletschlinger. Might even have some comics with dancers in 'em.

I'll be hanging out at the Boston Comics Roundtable table (tabletable?) with Dan Mazur, Dave Marshall, Aya Rothwell, and Joel Gill.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, THIS is my favorite song (for this week).