Yippy yo! Boston Comic Con!

Wow, so Boston Comic Con was last weekend, and it was pretty awesome. The awesomest thing for me at any convention is meeting other comic bookers and getting to pick up new stuff (stuff that you don't find in no comic book store). There's also this other part at conventions where I stand behind a table and sell comic books to people. Oddly enough, I am much better at this selling things bit after lunch, especially when lunch includes Jameson and Guinness.

But anyway, COOL COMICS:

Geraniums and Bacon No. 6 by Cathy Leamy is great auto-bio-slice-of-the-life-comics. It's got tarot readings, drinks, bodily functions, and the dreaded question of "Did I turn the stove off?"

Wolves by Becky Cloonan, which just absolutely beautiful. It's got art of the god-damn-it variety, meaning of course, "GOD DAMN IT! How does she do it that awesome???" And it's got werewolves.

World Bestiary: A Thorough Account by Erica Henderson and CJ Henderson. Also beautiful with art of the god-damn-it variety. It's a whole pile of beautifully rendered mythic beasts. Each one made me think, "Oh, man. That guy is going into my next comic!"

She Died in Terrebonne by Kevin Church and T.J. Kirsch is awesome. It's got a little Dashiell Hammett, a little Raymond Chandler, and (maybe this is only because it's a detective story set in the Pacific Northwest) a little David Lynch. It's a totally tight story with impeccable art.

Breaking and Entering by Holly Foltz pretty much documents the coolest break in ever.

Animal Sense by Jose Luis Olivares is pure genius. I actually was at his apartment while he was making this cut paper accordion fold comic, and I have to admit that I watched him doing it and really saw just random patterns. But THEN, seeing the finished comic all folded and cut appropriately my mind was blown. The whole thing just came together beautifully. It was like when you're at the eye doctor and they're are doing that thing with the lens gizmo and they keep saying "Number one or number two?" and every single lens is super blurry and you can't see anything and then suddenly, "Number one or number two?" and you're like, "OH MY GOD! NUMBER TWO!" If that makes any sense.

AND finally...

School Pencil by the previously mentioned Holly Foltz, Jose Luis Olivares and the previously unmentioned Matt Aucoin is rock and roll. On the inside cover it tells you when it was made: April 20th, 2012. The comic con was on April 21st! How cool is that? There need to be more comics like this. Matt's also got some awesome pictures from the con up on his site.

AND there's this great piece on Bleeding Cool written by Louis Falcetti that does an amazing job of capturing what the con was like and also says some nice things about me and Dan Mazur and our little comic Cold Wind.

And MoCCA in NYC this weekend!