MICE Come Tomorrow!

Finally, the third Massachusetts Independent Comics Exposition is tomorrow! It's awesome. It's free. You should come!

Robert Sikoryak is gonna be there. The new Hellbound (edited by Jerel Dye, Roho, and Kimball) will be debuting. I think Kevin Church and Ming Doyle are going to be splitting a table. Box Brown is gonna be there with all his awesome comics (including Secret Prison!)(which if you like comics, you seriously gotta get). Dirk Tiede will be there. Cathy Leamy will be selling a comic titled Diabetes Wants Your Dick.

Seriously, it's gonna be fantastic.

And I'm gonna be there with my comics. I'll have the first two chapters of my next graphic novel, All Star. I'll have the first two issues of High Flyer Comics, copies of my collaboration with Dan The Man Mazur, Cold Wind (which is totally awesome, and I don't even care what kind of socks you're wearing, Cold Wind is knocking them off), and I'll have brand spanking fresh new copies of The Sex Sex.

(Which if you've been following this blog, you will notice features a more finished version of the color experiment from my last post)

And, of course, I'll have some dancer prints.

See you tomorrow!