I hear America drawing (an appropriated poem for SPX)

I hear America drawing 
All those varied comics pouring from Hunt 102s, Microns, pencils, brushes, computer styluses 
All those tools all singing as they should 
All those cartoonists singing as they should
All singing silently in pictures
All crystalizing moments
All crystalizing Crystal Light

On buses
On airplanes
On trains
In automobiles
All of them coming together (wink)
In Bethesda
In Maryland


Yep, and I'm going to be there too at table A7. I'm gonna have some new books that nobody's ever seen before (gonna have some older books too). Gonna have some dancer prints. Gonna have some originals. And I'm gonna have a little comic display stand that I made all by myself.

These are the pockets:

These are all the pieces laid out:

And this is a detail of the drawing I did on it:

And this is what it'll look like all put together (but note that this picture was taken before I put the detailing on)(and I don't want to put it together again before the show because the taking apart does a little bit of wearing and tearing):


ETCIllustration said…
This is incredible. Amazing work, Jesse! I'd love it if you posted a how-to of sorts for this thing!
Jesse Lonergan said…
Thanks! I'll post a how-to soon. Definitely before MICE.