More SPX!

All right! Other favorites of the awesome stuff I picked up at SPX:

Maser by Jon Chad: It's not a laser, it's a maser. It uses microwaves and it'll burn your face. When I got this, Jon gave me my choice of covers: ones where the pen worked well, ones where the pen didn't work so well, and this one where the pen exploded. You gotta go with the one of kind.

Ribbon Sea by Austin Wilson and Lowell Isaac: This book has a floating ocean in it, so the ocean is actually over your head, which means when you go fishing, you're going to have to tie a line to a bird which can fly up into the ocean as bait. And THAT is an image I wish I had come up with. The writer, Austin Wilson, also is half of an awesome podcast called Hideous Energy which has kind of taken over my Ipod.

SF #2 by Ryan Cecil Smith: I was told to hunt this down while I was at SPX and it is brilliant. This is how it begins:

"SF leader Ace and newest SFSFSF member Hupa-Dupa, whose parents were killed by space pirates in a surprise attack on Earth, are on a mission to find Admiral Condor Strechshreltch inside Planet D, a distant and labyrinthian mineral resource in the space fringes inhabited by slime-tube aliens and controlled by a deep-mining-megacorporation of space-smugglers - enemies of Space Fleet and allies of the pirates."

Is that a sentence or is that a sentence?

And the first line of dialogue:

"Just follow the plan, Hupa! I'll do the talking, the shooting, the thinking, and the action. You just jump in whenever you come up with a good idea!"

It's brills.

Wings for Wheels edited by Nomi Kane: A mini-comic that looks like a seven inch single with a whole bunch of stories paying tribute to the Boss. I am there. And there's one that features a Baby Bruce Springsteen gaurdian angel. Oh, man! I think I might just need to blast my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. And then my other favorite Bruce Springsteen song.