Cars, Guitars, and Space Ships

When I was a kid, I would spend hours drawing super cars for no real reason other than I thought they were cool . Now, I'm an adult, and I spend more hours drawing cars for no real reason other than I think they are cool.

And these are some super preliminary sketches of spaceships (very similar to cars) for this collaboration between me and Jerel Dye (who's been drawing hella sick spaceships for awhile now). The idea is an intergalactic space race, and each one of us is designing characters and spaceships. I'd like for our art to be totally intermingled within one panel, a space ship drawn by him, a character drawn by me, another by him, the backgrounds traded off on. Not sure if it will work logistically. Unless we get bunk beds and set up comic book camp (YES!).

And Jane Eleven (from my ever upcoming Sex Sex project) holding a guitar. This drawing is based loosely on a picture of early-Beatles-era John Lennon.