Robert Redford's Hair and Character Design

Will you look at that hair??? It's so luscious and wonderful! It's so thick and falls in those beautiful layers. So smooth and straight. My hair could never do that. Ever. That's the kind of hair that could get you into college all by itself. I just want to touch it. Bury myself in it. It's like spun gold.

It's enough to make you think movie stars really do come from another planet. That hair looks like it falls that way without any help. It just is. It's a force of nature. He doesn't even have to try. And I know Robert Redford's hair might actually be Hollywood magic, but it just looks so easy, so smooth, so carefree.

So when it came time to figure out the appearance Carl Carter, the main character of my book All Star, due out next March from NBM ComicsLit, one of the things that was key to the character was that everything came easy to him. And what's easier than Robert Redford's hair?

And just as a side note, imagine if Connie Britton and Robert Redford had a child. He or she would rule the earth!