Learn How to Draw Snakes

I've been doing a lot of really detailed heavily crosshatched drawings of late, which are in preparation for this fantasy story that I'm getting ready to do. The story follows a warrior cut by a poisoned sword who has to enter an evil castle in order to find a cure.

I'm planning on a length of 48 pages with most of the pages being splash pages. It's a different kind of storytelling from what I have done before.

Before I get to that I have an eight page prologue in mind, which will function as a stylistic test. I'm still not sure how big I will be drawing this, but probably at around nine by twelve. Crosshatching is so time consuming, and the bigger I draw the more torturous it will be.

These are some raw notes on the sequence of the prologue.

These are thumbnails of what I imagine the full eight pages will be. It's looking like five splash pages. I hope to start on these in the next week or so.