Three Layer Stamp Cake

I've been wanting to do layered stamps for awhile now. I've had these stamp blocks and linoleum blocks for an embarrassingly long time and they have just sat in my studio waiting very patiently. I was hesitant to use them because they are a one shot deal. There's only one image to be gotten out of them. Pens can produce all sorts of images, and paper is cheap, so if you screw it up there's always another piece of paper. I never felt like I had an image in my head worthy of the three-color block treatment.

I could tell those rubber stamp blocks and linoleum blocks were getting antsy though.

It's just a robot with glowing eyes similar to a lot of the robots I've found myself drawing recently.

Immediately upon stamping, I realized I wasn't using the medium as well as I could. I was really treating the stamp as simply three colors, but really there are seven colors that can be created with the three. Each overlay creates a new color, so there are the basic colors, red, green, blue, but then also red over blue, blue over green, red over green, and red over blue over green, which can be seen in the off register parts in the close up. The next set of blocks will try to take full advantage of these possibilities.