First Draft

Just as my new book is about to come out (This World Is Not For Burning)(available for the purchasing this weekend at TCAF from Swimmers Group), I've finished the first draft of what may be the next book. However, I'm not 100% sure it will be the next book.

Last year I felt like I found this writing/drawing groove that worked really well (I've written about it before). It was a very loose process with no planning, and I think that what came out was much more interesting than anything I could have planned. At least, when what came out was good. A fair amount of stuff came out that was not so good: stories destined for the trash can. Still, sitting down with a sketchbook and seeing what comes out is thrilling even if what comes out isn't really worth sharing with anyone.

With this story that I've just finished, I wanted to keep that looseness and freedom, but I also wanted to have a little more direction. I sat down with a type of story in mind and direction that I wanted to go in. I'm not sure if the balance of freedom and structure was really achieved. I think it's a viable first draft, but because I had this goal in my head, I don't feel that it takes unexpected turns in the way the stuff I wrote last year did. I felt such a spark while working on those stories, and this one felt like more of a slog.

We'll see.

Recent Reading
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The Groo Libary by Sergio Aragones
Aya by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie
The World of Edena by Moebius

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A Thin Blue Line

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The Man Machine by Kraftwerk
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