Putting It Together

I'm trying to consider the whole book more. Looking back on my older stuff, I feel like it was just slapped together. The book as object has become much more important to me. With so many ways to get one's images and stories out there without using any paper, it seems pointless for a book to simply be a container for one's pages. The book needs to exist for a reason and each part of it must connect and be coherent.

For this new book (debuting at TCAF in two weeks!)(from Swimmers Group), I asked for quotes from Dustin Harbin and Paul Hornschemeier, and both of them were kind enough to oblige. Previously, I might have just cut and pasted the words from their emails onto the back of the book using some common font without much thought. With this book, I had hand-written everything, and it seemed foolish to switch that up. Foolish stylistically if not pragmatically. I chose to write out their quotes by hand, which was much more time-consuming, especially when I realized I hadn't accurately gauged the space I had to work with and had to rewrite them by hand, but it's worth it for the consistency of the book.

Recent Reading
The Death of WCW by R.D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez
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My Mad Fat Diary

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