All Kinds of Girls

Procrastination is an odd thing. I'll have some drawing that I want to do, but I'll find a million little things to do before I get down to it. I'll keep putting it off and telling myself that when I do sit down I'll really work hard and make up for all this time I've been wasting. But I keep finding distractions and reasons to delay.

But then I finally sit down and start drawing and I remember that I love drawing, so why was I making so many excuses not to?

It isn't just with drawing. There are friends who I have gone far too long without speaking to, but I'll find some reason not to call or not to write. I tell myself I'll do it later. But why?

I like talking to my friends. I can understand putting off things that I don't like, but why do I put off things I enjoy?

It's an odd thing.