Say, for example, you see some of those silly toy glasses that have cardboard eyes where the lenses would be, and you think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there were things besides eyes there?" And then you think of eyes as windows to the soul and what if instead of eyes there on those pieces of cardboard where the lenses should be there were images of the soul. Then you think of the things you would see, craziness, war, pain, love, the seven deadly sins. Cool, yeah, great, double great, maybe a little high school but it will be fun. Then, for example, you get going and you realize that the space inside eye glass frames is pretty small to draw in and you have to get pretty symbolic, because you don't have room for details, and maybe the meaning disappears, and you realize that drawing stars in someone's eyes isn't as easy as you thought it might be and that it just looks like dots, and that drawing heartbreak isn't easy especially if you don't want to cave in and draw something as trite as a heart splitting apart, but isn't this kind of trite anyway, and those are TVs but will anyone recognize them as TVs? Then when you get it all done you're not even sure if any of it makes sense, and what exactly does a camera in someone's eye mean? The original thought was to convey the sense of judgement you feel sometimes when you're talking to someone, and you thought about a judge in a wig, but that didn't really seem possible to draw in such a small space so you settled on a camera but that might not mean anything anyway. And doubt had been growing as this thing took shape, but you had quieted that by saying that at least it will look cool. It's a cool visual idea, maybe it won't make sense, but it will be slick at least. And then you get it all finished and you're not even sure about that.

This all hypothetical, of course.

I'm gonna watch some football.