Inebriation Vs. Sobriety

It's amazing what a few drinks can do. It's practically magic. Walking home with a belly full of wine thinking about how great that girl I just met was. I got her phone number. I'm gonna call her. It's gonna be awesome. And meet without the belly full of wine and it just isn't the same. She's dull. I'm dull. We have nothing in common, and maybe it's just the light, but I don't think either one of us looks quite as good as we did that night we met. I wonder when her nose grew and she wonders if my ears could possibly have stuck out that much before.

In other news:

Outbound #2, which is put together by my friend Roho, is out and available and it features a story in by me. It's my first attempt at sci-fi. Post-apoclayptic-road-rage-cannibal-TV-heads!