There are some big hats in San Francisco. And I think the biggest hat. It was a great trip. I relaxed. I saw the sights. I drank some beer. I drank some wine. I went to so many book stores (the best one being Green Apple Books)(I could have bought the whole store)(But I held off and only bought a few things)(Which made my bag a little bit heavier on the flight home). I relaxed. I drew. I did a fair amount of work on the next book. I got excited about drawing again. Rejuvenated. Reenergized. Revived. Revivified. Refreshed. Reinvigorated. Breathing new life. Full of pep. Possibly even perky (if it is possible for me to be so). It was great.

Of course, now I'm back in Boston and back at work wearing the tie and teaching English, but hopefully the remomentumization will last.