Personal Demons

The cynicism kicks in when I think it's all a waste of time and nothing worthwhile will come it. The doubt comes in when I think all the ideas that I really like are actually really rotten. Procrastination kicks in when I think watching Flatliners (again!) actually counts as doing work (it's research!)(right). Vacillation has been the most nasty one of late as I seem to have spent the last three months trying to make up my mind. It's a killer. And complacency, complacency, complacency, oh, oh, complacency. It's just so easy to keep doing the same thing. You get proficient at something and if you don't watch out you'll find yourself on auto-pilot without thinking at all.

But these aren't all my demons. Far from it... there's narrow-mindedness, petty thinking, malice, vapidity, all manner of affectations, hyper-sentimentality, tediousness, distraction, hesitation and indecisiveness (which go hand in hand), heavy-handedness, sheer bloody mindedness, sloppiness... Oh, there are so many nasty little demons kicking around.


Patrick said…
Love the wart in Doubt's left eye - that's the scariest one of the bunch.
Avani Agarwal said…
Your "doubt" demon looks like he's been seeing nudie women all over the place.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Nudie women? Like he's been mentally undressing every woman he sees?

Think that might be a whole different demon.