Birthday Fett/Small Drawings

My friend Tara's little brother's birthday was on Wednesday, and she commissioned me to do a Boba Fett drawing for a gift. The results:
Probably one of the skinnier Fetts around. I love drawing Star Wars stuff because it gives me an excuse to put Star Wars in the DVD player and I can call it research. It also gets me thinking total geek thoughts, like which Boba Fett costume is more authentic, the one from Empire or the one from Jedi? The differences are slight, but I'm sure people (people more devoted than me) will notice. Is it okay to mix and match? "Oh, all the real Star Wars fans will hate it!" That's what I'm saying in my head as debate the placement of the little pouches hanging around Boba Fett's belt.

And here are a few small drawings drawn in my down time.

And this comic is awesome.

And these drawings are awesome.

And this dancing is awesome.

And this song is about to be the soundtrack to my weekend.