Small Drawings

More drawings done while riding the bus. While nobody pays any attention to someone fixated on a smart phone, drawing in a little book does get noticed. People take little sideways glances at my book, trying to see what it is I am drawing without having me notice that they are trying to get a peak. I know what they are doing because I look at people in almost the exact same manner when I am drawing them. A quick passing glance that will hopefully appear inadvertent. "I'm not looking at you. No, no, no, my eyes just happened to pass over you as they made their way from those incredibly interesting flip flops on the man next to you to the thought provoking Diabetes Foundation advertisement above your head. Any attention paid to you was purely accidental."

My fear is that sometime I'll be drawing some snotty drawing and then get caught by the person on the bus who was the inspiration.

"No, no, no! Not only was that an inadvertent glance that had no intention behind it, but this is also an inadvertent drawing. Any resemblance to you is purely coincidental. What? You think that drawing of a guy with a handlebar mustache is you?? No, lots of assholes have handlebar... Not that you're an asshole, I mean, on you it looks good and unaffected. Really. I mean it. No, I'm not being sarcastic. It's just the way I talk."

And then I'll quickly get off at the next stop.