The Dailies

Whew! Another week come and gone.

And seriously, what is going on with that storage facility?? I'm so bummed I didn't get an answer this weekend. I can't believe I had to leave Vermont to come back to Boston without knowing at least what is inside.

But at least on the bus I got to see this. That Garrett Hedlund, so dreamy.

But I think this is dreamier.

While this is dreamy to the max.


Adrian said…
I like Wednesday's. That's funny.

Also, I still can't think of good walk-on music. Maybe this? Or Kanye's "Power"?
Jesse Lonergan said…
Yeah, I about flipped my shit Wednesday. That was the worst presentation I have ever seen. She was so unbelievably unprepared. Two minutes in she asked if we had any questions.

Yeah, walk-on music is tricky... especially for us not so super athletic overly into pop music types. Power would be a good one.

I also feel you can never go wrong with Daft Punk.
Adrian said…
Daft Punk would be a good choice. And on that subject, so would another Kanye song, "Stronger."

That levitation website is awesome, by the way. I like whimsy.