Black Friday

This Christmas, don't shop too much. Take only what you can carry. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Don't use your credit cards. Pay cash. Make gifts. Watch It's a Wonderful Life and Scrooged. Drink eggnog. Tell the people that you love and care about what they really mean to you. Make cookies. Kiss strangers under mistletoe. Sing the Twelve Days of Christmas out of tune. Don't succumb to the crass commercialism that is shown on the television.

Watch What Would Jesus Buy?

And just one last comic about failing students and what a heartless bastard I am.

Some things I think you should cry about: family disasters (death, disease, divorce, etc.), broken bones, the loss of innocence, the part in ET where he turns white, broken hearts, frightening and traumatic experiences (car accidents, shark attacks, etc.) and when you bang your shin really hard.


VsTheBadGuys said…
I dig how rough these are making me feel! They are also making me very nervous about my grammar.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Having grown up speaking English, you should have no worries about your grammar. It's funny, in class I really have to pretend to care about the reduction of modifying adverbial phrases, but in reality... modifying adverbial phrases? Yeah. Real important.