There were an awful lot of "sexy" costumes out there Saturday and Sunday, and I don't mean to complain but sometimes despite the sexiness of these costumes they come out a little lame. "I'm a sexy this." "I'm a sexy that." I think it would all just be a little bit better if a better costume name were used.

"I'm a sexy cat." Boring. "I'm a titty cat." Much better.

Sexy Vampire? NO! "I'm a trampire!" Yes.

Sexy nurse? Get specific, "I'm a sex-ray technician." Or instead of a phlebotomist, be a feelmybottomist.

Don't be a sexy cowgirl, be a WOWgirl.

Pocahontas? Nope. Pokeahotass.

Sexy robot? I think not. A hobot, a rohot, or a bimbot are the only way to go.

The sexy undead? I think you mean Aberzombie and Tits.


I can't wait for next year.


VsTheBadGuys said…
Tittycat! Pokeahotass!


Right. On.