Thanksgiving Day Sketches

I don't just sketch nearly enough. I feel guilty about it. It's far to rare that I take the time to just sit down and draw what's around me. I always feel like I'm too busy. But I like sketching. It's calming. It makes me feel like I am more a part of the world. It makes me feel more aware and looking back it makes me remember more. Instead of the train ride home being another event that will disappear from, some part of it will still kick around, if only in my sketchbook.

Definitely need to take the time to sketch more often.

These sketches were done in a sort of a two step process. On the train back to Boston from my aunt's house I did the drawings in blue pencil and then when I got home I finished them up with a brush and ink. I'll have to get myself a good brush pen to make the process a little less disjointed.