I always hope that drawing comics will be a streamlined process, but sadly for me it seems that I have to throw out at least fifty percent of what I draw. Right now, the ratio on my new book is about two to one in favor of trash. Sometimes I throw a page away because I messed up on some part, an ink splatter or a slip of my hand that ruins a character's face. Sometimes I throw stuff out because I just think the layout was bad or I come up with some great new way to draw the same thing. However, most of these I threw out because I thought the story was going in the wrong direction. I was wallowing in details that really weren't to important to the overall story. So these pages have been dumped, as has the character of Sarah Elizabeth Gartner. Sorry, Sarah, you no longer exist.

Did I say I was going to get this thing done by Christmas?

I guess it's nice to know I'm still a dreamer.


ROHO said…
The rainy pages look nice.
VsTheBadGuys said…
save bonus material to be published in the special over-sized deluxe hardcover 10th anniversary addition ;)
Dave M! said…
A million years ago, I had bonfire for what I thought was my inferior work. An older friend made me promise to call him before destroying my work. A compliment, really. Got me thinking that any negative baggage was only carried by me. The last thing others wanna hear is "I can't look at this one any more, it reminds me of breaking up with whats-her-name!"