Inbound 5: The Food Issue!

As some of you may know I'm a part of the Boston Comics Roundtable, and it just so happens that the BCR has a new Inbound anthology out (Inbound 5) and I am in it. All the stories are food themed. There are some true stories, a little bit of history, a little bit of auto-bio, and some fiction. I happen to think it's the best Inbound yet.


If you are in the Boston area you can pick it up at local bookstores and local comic book shops. If you are not in Boston you can pick it up online at the BCR website. Or you can catch some of the BCR folks (including myself) at some of the holiday fairs around town (even get yourself an autograph and maybe a drawing)(it's also a great holiday gift for people who like to eat food or read comics or eat comics and read food or eat comic readers or comic food eaters or reaters feeders foodics).


Tomorrow night, there is an Inbound Five release party tomorrow at the Atomic Bean in Central Square. A whole bunch of the artists and writers in the book will be there.