Battle Royale Finished Inks

Some details of the finished inks for this big fight scene that I have been working on. This was drawn with the intention of it being colored, so right now these inks really don't look like much. I drew this, and I can't really make sense of it all. It kind of looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Characters blend together, and it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. Color will fix all that.

All of this was inked with a Hunt 107 pen nib, which is good and stiff and can provide a really fine line. A fine line was important because of the amount of detail in this drawing.

And all this inking was done with the help of Gene Vincent.

And this stuff is the best.

And this is the other best.


VsTheBadGuys said…
having only seen this much, but knowing your work, is it to soon to say i would love to see this as an actual jigsaw puzzle?

Jesse Lonergan said…
that's a good idea! it'd be a perfect puzzle!