Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Drawings

Whew. Is it Friday? Finally? Man... feels like a long week. And at the beginning of the week I told myself I was going to be so good and so productive and I wasn't going to go out and have drinks, I was just going to go straight home and put in some solid time at the drawing board, but then I said I'd just have one drink on Monday and four drinks later I was lamenting what a fool I was but Tuesday I decided I hadn't quite been foolish enough on Monday and had to really kick the foolishness into high gear and end up at Hong Kong, which is where all evening go to die in Harvard Square, and then Wednesday...

But this weekend... I swear. Work time!

And this is death.


Steve said...

.....Oh... Hong Kong.

Jesse Lonergan said...

You know it! You should come up here and be a part of my foolishness. It's a whole other kind of foolishness from the kind practiced in the D.C. area. There are far less international implications.