Battle Royale (Raw Inks)

Here are a few more process details from this huge fight scene I've been drawing. Inking's been a little difficult because it is hard to keep track of where exactly one character ends and where another begins. What seemed like a perfectly clear pencil line at the time of penciling, turns out to be a vague scribble when I return with the pen and ink.

As I said before, I'm trying to get as many characters in as possible, and I keep getting reminded of characters that I'd forgotten (Bill and Ted!) or characters that I didn't forget, but if you're going to draw a battle royale, and your main goal is to get as many awesome characters and people in as possible, how could they not be in there (PRINCE!).

And I also realized I'd been a little remiss and forgot to show some anthologies that I've been involved in.

There's this book, that's all about teaching or being taught, so if you've ever been a teacher or a student or anybody's ever taught you anything or you ever taught anybody else anything or if you were anybody else's teaching or if teaching taught you anybody's students, or if you ever slept with one of your college professors... this book is for you. It can be picked up from Ninth Art Press.

Then there is this super super sweet anthology about Werewolves I did a story about an all monster battle of the bands for. This is the final issue of the series and I'm so happy to be in it. You can pick it and all the other issues up here.

And if you're not feeling like picking anything up... well, I guess you could grumble about the things that people do to their pets.

And if you're not feeling like looking at some super sweet links cause it's just too much effort, I give you: DUCKTOOF!

Drawn by my buddy Kevin Cline.

And this morning I was riding the escalator out of the T, and I looked down and there was this guy riding the lower escalator air drumming to his headphones, which put a smile on my face, and then a second later..."What have I that I'm alone?" this song lyric pops in my head. But what's the song?

"What have I that I'm alone?"

"What have I that I'm alone?"
"What have I that I'm alone?"

God damn it! What is it???

"What have I that I'm alone?"

Then in the elevator up to work the doors close and bing... CORAZON D'ORO! One of the sweetest songs around! Perfect for these hot hot days!