The Dailies

The old Moleskine that I had been doing the dailies in got all filled up, so I decided to switch to a bigger one. I also switched to a rapidograph for the drawing.

Okay, and the movie I was watching on Saturday was Terminator 2, which is awesome. But unfortunately, it's the special director's cut or something (and I shouldn't really complain because it just fell into my lap anyway, cause my friend Mario was dumping DVDs). I feel like the term Director's Cut has shifted in my mind. It used to mean the awesome-real-version-of-the-movie-you-were-supposed-to-see-but-THE-MAN-didn't-think-was-commercially-viable (like the British version of Brazil). But now I think it means the longer-than-you-want-crammed-with scenes-cut-for-obvious-reasons-put-together-for-another-DVD-edition-that-might-convince-you-to-buy-the-movie-again version.

I just want my movies the way they were!

The worst example of this would be the Star Wars Special Editions, but it's spread. I was watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and it turned out to be the special edition with added scenes. Perfect. If there was ever any complaint I had about The Good, the Bad and the Ugly it was that it was just too too short. Unfortunately for this special edition director's cut, the sound on the original scenes had been lost, so they were redubbed by Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood. Of course, thirty years later and their voices don't sound the same at all.


ROHO said…
I think the "normal" version is included too in on of the disks. Awesome drawings this week, I like the use of the lettering, is your moleskin bigger all of the sudden?
Jesse Lonergan said…
Yep, switched up to the bigger size, which is probably something I should have done a long time ago. Those little books just look so cool.