The Dailies (Stop Making Sense)

Let the nonsense commence! This might make more sense if you read last weeks post, but I can't guarantee anything.

All vestiges of journal comics have disappeared, but if I were to do a journal comic it would be all about how awesome the Center for Cartoon Studies is. At the encouragement of Jen Vaughn I finally made my first trip up there and I can't believe I've been so close for so long and never visited before. White River Junction is a small little Vermont town that is just packed with cartoonists. How cool is that? Thanks to Jen, Molly, Sam and Ryan for an awesome weekend and for the place to sleep. Thanks to Bill, Donna, Jen again, Rachel, Sam, and Sara for an awesome night of drawing (and my fingers are crossed in hope that they will not post any of the dirty things that came out of my pen). AND thanks to Andy, Dave, and Joyanna for the longest game of Uno I have ever played and which will guarantee that I think twice before ever saying yes to a game again. And thanks to everybody else at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Awesome. I can't wait to go back.