So What'cha Gonna Have at SPX?

Well, I'm gonna have ten big old prints of this fight scene that I cranked out. These are full on silkscreened original pieces of art done by my main man Joel Gill (who'll also be at SPX selling the awesomest thing in the world: black conservative trading cards!). Each one will come with a little guide to all one hundred and sixty two characters (you know in case you forgot who the green Voltron guy was)(God! I can't believe you don't remember!)(Who could forget Pidge!)

If that don't plug you in just like you was Eddie Harris, I don't know what will.

Then again maybe a comic called Bounce Pass will.

This was done by me and my other main man Kevin Cline, and in many ways I think it's the one that I'm the most excited about. Kevin and I were cracking up making it and this is one of those awesome collaborations where it's all such a blur you can't even say who did what. Whose idea was it? His? Mine? No ways, Ours!

Yeah, you're eating cheese like you'd think I was from Paris!

Oh and then there's this piece of awesomeness (which will be in a whole book of awesomeness).
A tag team between me and Jen Vaughn! Super sweet. Jen Vaughn = Awesome. Jesse Lonergan = Awesome. Together = Wicked Awesome!

And of course, I'll have some grammar comics. One of which was so obnoxious that one of the kind readers on Reddit said that reading it made them want to punch me in the face!

How can a little grammar inspire such feelings of rage?

You better check it out, and hopefully, if you read it, it'll make you want to give me a fist bump and not a punch in the face.

And I'll have Dancing with the Star Wars, naturally.

And a whole mess of other comics and stuff. Minis, my graphic novels, a few experiments, and my always charming demeanor will be on hand.

See you theres!


Toon said…
The fight scene was mega-awesome. Just wow.
Adrian said…
That fight is pretty awesome. Teen Wolf is my favorite character in there, I think.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Thanks! Hidden in there is Wheems from *Batteries not Included. I think that might be my favorite one.