First things first, the Massachusetts Independent Comic Exposition was this weekend and it was fantastic. Everyone involved in putting it together should get a medal of some sort for all their hard work. I'd like to specifically mention Dan Mazur, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Cherry Ogata, Jerel Dye, and Carl Tsui who seemed to always be there.

And I would personally like to thank Erik Heumiller for hooking me up with the buttons, Lauren and Roho for helping me put my books together, and Jen Vaughn, Rachel Foss and Rachel Dukes for making the weekend awesome!

Totally a great show!

And second things second, the dailies:

Okay, and normally I don't like to interrupt the flow of this nonsense, but this following page suffers from my lack of abstinence on Saturday night. Hence, the ink blot and my forgetting of what century it was.

And third things third, this is sweet.

Fourth things fourth, I know it may be a little early, but if you've been wondering what to get me for Christmas (and I know it's hard because I'm so remarkably picky) this is it!

And fifth things fifth, this is the real geektronic.


love letter said…
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Adrian said…
That mathemagician thing is super geeky. He gets a standing ovation at the end!

Also, those dailies are a bit dark.
Jesse Lonergan said…
Yeah, a little dark I guess. Basically, I just sit down right before going to bed every night and let the pen lead me.
Josh Wedlake said…
thanks for linking to an animation hosted on my pass the flipbook site Jesse, much appreciated! Josh