Wait! More SPX stuff!

So I won't have this at my table, but it will be available from Jen Vaughn, Nomi Kane, and Caitlin McGurk... the Lies My Parents Told Me anthology! Which I have a story in! It's about broccoli!
And I saw a proof the book when I was up in White River Jct. last weekend, and it looks awesome! I was laughing out loud at the lies that the parents were telling their children! Kids say the darnedest things? I don't think so. It's the parents! I can't wait to get my copy (and I hope I'm correctly remembering that I get a free one for contributing a story)(but maybe that's a lie I was telling to myself).


Nomi said…
You get as many free ones as there were pages in your story! Which I think is 5?! They'll be printed CORRECTLY this week!
Jesse Lonergan said…
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That means it'll be right on time for MICE!