A little more SPX.

So, at the last few conventions I've done hourly comics as a way of recording the event. Basically, every hour I sit down and draw whatever it is that happens to be going on at that moment. This is an awesome way to draw a comic and I highly recommend it to anyone (even if you don't draw comics)(seriously, just get some paper and stuff it in your pocket)(and stuff a pen in there, t00)(and every hour do a little doodle)(DO IT!). It's totally satisfying and at the end almost without even trying you have a comic. It's way better than those brutal 24 hour comics. As far as I know John Campbell is the guy who thought it up.

Anyway, I planned to do this at SPX, and I was pretty good all through Friday, though this consisted mostly of drawings of riding in the car from Boston to SPX. Not the most exciting stuff, and then on Friday, once the free drink tickets came out, the hourly comic crashed and died. This was the last one I managed to draw, after having completely forgotten about it for four hours.

The only other drawing from it worth posting was from earlier in the day. It's about beards and glasses.

Oh and on Friday I won a Nerdlinger! I got the Grammar Sex God Award. How cool is that?

Some people said I wasn't supposed to drink it, but who can resist?

And I got a whole bunch of comics! I haven't even begun to try and get through my pile.

But one that I have read and think is fantastic is Seamus Heffernan's Freedom. It's awesome and you should check it out (and by check it out I mean buy it). He won a Xeric! And he's from the North Shore! Not that I have a New England prejudice or anything.