Yeah, BUDDY! MICE! The Massachusetts Independent Comics Exposition is this Saturday! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

And why am I as excited as the Pointer Sisters?

1. Cause it's a comic book show packed with awesome people in my own backyard!

2. I got a brand spanking new hot off the presses comic making its debut. It's a debutante! It's also the first book I have done in full color! It's a full colortante! It's an awesometante! Dan Mazur wrote it! I drew it! It's got ice castles and assassinations and rooftop jumps!

3. And I'm going to finally get on top of the ball and have me some postcards! Every single convention I say to myself, "Damn, Jessup, why you so stupid and always forgetting to make some free postcards to give out to the people!" But not this time! This time I'll be saying, "Damn, Jessup, those are some wicked sick postcards you're giving out!" Provided of course that I remember to bring them!

4. And I'm gonna have some little buttons! Which I haven't made, but I swear I'm going to make 'em tomorrow and these are the sheets that I'll be making 'em from! There birds! It'll be a bird buttontante!

4. New tag team comic called Hot Mess put together by the remarkable Jen Vaughn and myself! Which I don't have a picture of, but it is going to be as awesome as awesome gets! Trust me! Would I lie to you? (Yeah, I know I said that this thing was going to be at SPX and then it wasn't, but you know, things happen, and this time I swear to god it's going to be there)(if it isn't, I'll let you punch me). And she (Jen Vaughn) is also gonna have the awesomer than awesome anthology Lies Grown-Ups Told Me for sale! An anthology that features me (so buy it, dad!).

5. Still got a few limited edition silk screen Battle Royale prints down by Joel Christian Gill for you to drool over!

6. DIM SUM the day after!

I will feel most sorry for you if I do not see you there!